Kiln dried and ready to burn

Loggo is a supplier of kiln dried ready to burn firewood logs.

Factory prices

Because product is supplied and shipped direct from our factory.

No Hustle

Direct from our factory, EU import of this material is VAT free.

British national

You will never have problems due to translation confusion or worse.


  1. Call or e-mail for prices including your delivery address.
  2. Receive your price for product.
  3. Confirm by e-mail your order.
  4. Receive invoice by e-mail with banking details.
  5. Upon receipt of payment order will be prepared for collection by container truck.
  6. Truck is loaded and taken to Baltic port.
  7. Ship sails
  8. Arrival in U.K. port (usually Thamesport).
  9. Container is delivered directly to your premises.

One man and a forklift will be required for unloading if the unloading area is elevated to the container floor level.

Two men, a forklift, and a hand pump-up pallet truck will be required for unloading otherwise.



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